I have struggled to find advice on trips to take with my partner. There are so many blogs I follow with tons of information on traveling alone, but what about when you want to travel with a partner and want to partake in partner activities.

I finally sat down and wrote out my top three bucket list destinations with the intention of traveling with a partner in mind.

I am personally not someone who loves traveling alone. I know that solo-traveling will push you beyond your comfort zone and challenge you in life altering ways, trust me I get it.

I have traveled alone many times and I always love the things I learn about myself, the things I learn I am capable of, and the self-reflection time it grants me, but when it’s possible I will always choose to bring someone along with me.

Part of it for me is that I get the post-travel blues and I cope better when I can talk to someone who understands exactly the things I am missing.

If you are like me and looking for the next extraordinary destinations for you and your partner this list is pure gold. Check out these cheap vacation ideas for couples and start packing your bags!

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Cordillera Central, Philippines

There is a reason this is at the top of my bucket list and here is why it should be at the top of yours too.

The Philippines have been conquered by the Spanish, British, Americans, and Japanese, yet the people Cordillera Central refused to surrender their mountains or culture.

The communities within the Cordillera Central vary in their cultural, religious, and artistic expressions, but it is the agricultural history that has kept them connected.

The people of this land learned long ago to work with nature not against it and built systems to keep the agriculture thriving in their community.

Best time to go is between April-June and September-November. These months will see the least amount of rain while still yielding lush green terraces.

Bonus: it is during these months that you can also witness the harvest.

Top places to stay: Native Village Inn and Misty Lodge.

Native Village Inn is known for its friendly service, thatch huts, and spectacular views of the Banaue rice terraces.

Partner inspired adventures include a two-day hike along the Awan-Igid Trail where you can see the villages of Pula, Kambulo and Batad, explore the cascading paddies, see the village of homes on stilts, and the 200 foot Tappiya waterfall.

You and your partner will also not want to miss watching master tattooist hammer tribal tattoo designs using ink-soaked thorns. Each designed is hammered at 100 taps per minute, so if you or your partner are feeling really dare-devilish then you can hop in line for your own permanent art piece.

Bonus tip: take an afternoon to spend at the intimate Sagada Lemon Pie House, sit on floor cushions with your lover eating sweets and sipping mountain tea.

Urubamba Valley, Peru

Machu Picchu is on the top of everyone’s bucket list, but this is one place you don’t want to miss in Peru.

It is in the little villages of Urubamba Valley where you can watch farmers hand tilling quinoa fields, women spinning llama wool, and see horses hauling potatoes from the daily harvest.

This “off-trail” trek will only make the views on Machu Picchu even more spectacular and breath taking.

It is places like this that remind me my love for traveling extends beyond seeing beautiful places. I long to understand the stories of a place, the culture of its people, and the ways in which nature and humankind work hand in hand.

Best time to go is between April- June or September-October. These months will be the least rainy and you will skip out on the bulk of the tourist.

If multiday hikes are your thing than I strongly recommend Andean Treks. They have been in business since the 80’s and are known for guiding hikers through one of Peru’s best kept secret trails, the Cachicata Trail.

If you would rather sleep in a real bed than I recommend Andenes al Cielo or Inkaterra Machu Picchu.

Partner inspired adventures include hiking the Moonstone to Sun Trek, which is a three-day hike along the Inca messenger trails.

Seeing the Salinas Salt Pans is another do not miss adventure to take your partner on. If you want to see the best view of Machu Picchu and are up for an exhilarating hike, I highly recommend Summit Huayna Picchu Peak.

Bonus tip: if you are looking for some place to have a romantic dinner then be sure to check out Mama Angelica restaurant.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

cheap vacation ideas for couples, international vacation, Vietnam, boat and lily pads

Vietnam may very well be one of the most underrated countries! The country is absolutely stunning and incredibly cheap once you get past buying airline tickets.

Mekong Delta might be one of the most photogenic places in all of Asia (at least in my opinion). Think wooden canoes filled with exotic produce, palm trees, rice paddies, and a shimmering river.

Mekong Delta was dubbed the “rice bowl” of Vietnam, because the delta grows over a third of the countries produce in less than a tenth of the land.

If you ever get tired of the river life there is always biking trails between the paddies or take a motorbike up the mountains, either way you won’t get bored.

Best time to go is December-May when the skies are clear, the land is full of lush green, and the waters are clam. If you are looking to go when the flowers are at their peak and the most incredible go January-March.

Places to stay include the Nam Bo Boutique Hotel with contemporary colonial style accommodations or Oasis which offers pool and bike rentals.

But if you are looking to get really off-grid and romantic, consider staying in a floating hotel with a captain, chef, maid, and barman. These boats also come with bikes and row boats for excursions.

Partner inspired adventures include biking Ben Tre, visiting the floating market of Phong Dien, or spending the day exploring the colonial architecture of Colonial Sa Dec where you will also find Buddhist Temples and floating flower nurseries.

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples Are Out There

Of course, there are so many places I long to see and thousands of tiny villages I hope to someday make my way through, but these are my current top three for partners and the budget conscientious.

I hope this helps you chose your next adventure with your partner.

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