Athleisure is the intersection between comfy and style. It is casual clothing with enough style that you can wear to work and then workout in after work.

More importantly for me the athleisure trend means I can fly comfortably and then go straight from the airport to brunch with a friend at one of those super cute, hipster, lower Manhattan restaurants with overpriced coffee and crepes.

Seriously, life is too short to fly in anything other than spandex!

For real though it has been the athleisure trend that has changed my life in so many ways.zyia review, zyia leggings, woman working out

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Lessons Learned

I don’t know about you, but I used to be a notorious over packer when I traveled. One time I met my aunt in uncle in Las Vegas for a 5-day trip and checked two bags.

My uncle who is a budget traveler through and through rented a tiny car, but never mentioned this to me till I am standing in the airport in Las Vegas with two giant 50-pound bags. We had to make two trips from the airport to the hotel that day, my uncle has never let me live it down.

Imagine his surprise when I told him I regularly go multi-week trips with nothing more than a small backpack and luggage small enough to fit in the overhead bins of a small airplane.

It took no more than one trip to New York City where I lugged bags all the way from JFK airport to Brooklyn, New York while navigating public transportation (also elevators aren’t really a thing in NYC) to learn my lesson on over packing. Once I got to Brooklyn on this particular trip after dragging a giant bag all through the city and on and off the metro, I then had to climb 5 flights of stairs with my luggage.

I don’t have any fancy tricks for fitting a ton of clothes into a small suitcase, I don’t roll my clothes, and I still have not invested in packing cubes (even though I should). I simply just take a lot less stuff.

During my days of way over packing I thought I needed a minimum of three outfits per day; one to workout in, one for casual wear, and one for nice dinners or events. It is embarrassing to even admit that. Seriously, what was I thinking?

Capsule Wardrobe and Leggings to the Rescue!

Then I came across the idea of a capsule wardrobe on Pinterest one day and decided this is how I was going to pack less from now on.

If you do not know what a capsule wardrobe is, it is a wardrobe made up of mostly neutral colors with a few pops of color or print for accessories. All the pieces can be worn together and can be shuffled around to make several outfits.

For example, I used to take no less than 4 pairs of jeans for a week long trip. (I do not even own 4 pairs of jeans now.) Now when I travel, I take one pair of jeans. Seriously no one cares if you wear the same pair of jeans over and over. And do you know what is less bulky and weighs less than jeans? Leggings! I take one pair of jeans and a couple pairs of leggings.

Do not underestimate the power of a pair of black leggings!

One pair of black leggings yields at minimum three outfits while traveling. Leggings and an oversized tee with vans is the perfect around town casual outfit and this same outfit can double as a workout outfit as well.

If you decide to go somewhere nice for dinner swap the tee for button up blouse, throw on some booties, a necklace, and some earring and viola… you have an evening outfit.

Throw on a bomber jacket with the tee and vans and boom you are now ready for autumn in Europe; the booties will also work for walking around in Europe and they are more practical for navigating the cobblestone walkways while drunk than heels. Now you are traveling with less stuff, you are comfortable, and you look stylish.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

No, but really learning to live with less in all aspects of your life is a good mindset to have.

In the last year I have dedicated myself to having less things, and I have not missed any of the stuff I have gotten rid of, none of it.

I started with my clothes, because that is where I have the biggest problem. I had no less than 10 pairs of jeans, 8 pairs of dress pants, more dresses than anyone should be allowed to have, over 100 shirts, 5 drawers full of workout attire, and so much more.

My wardrobe now has 35 pieces not including socks and underwear. It has been absolutely liberating, not to mention my wallet has appreciated my conservatism when it comes to buying clothes.

The cool thing about buying less clothes is that when you do buy clothes it doesn’t feel so bad to spend extra money on quality pieces. But the first time I walked in to Lululemon and saw leggings for $$$ I wanted to throw up.

Okay, so maybe I needed to spend more than $20 bucks on a pair of leggings that would last longer than six months, but prices in the triple digits was not going to cut it for me. I just can’t justify it; no matter how I try to spin the story. But, hey no judgement over here if you do.

Insert Zyiazyia review, zyia leggings, woman working out

I saw an Instagram post with the cutest bright yellow leggings and knew I must have them. I was honestly afraid to track them down and then be disappointed by the crazy price. But I needed these leggings, so I tracked them down anyway.

When I saw that they were the halfway price between what I used to spend and what Lululemon charged I had them in my cart, and I was checking out.

After purchasing them I was afraid that maybe I had paid too much, what if the quality sucked? What if they didn’t last longer than 6 months? What if they didn’t fit right?

They are a relatively new company so I couldn’t find a lot of reviews on them, but they seemed to have a pretty decent return policy. When I got them, I was over the moon to discover that the quality was stellar.

The leggings fit good, there was an incredible amount of attention to detail, they were true to size, and the best part I could squat in them without showing the color of my undies (and all the girls screamed “finally). I was hooked!

In the last few months I have swapped out all my old athletic wear for Zyia. Their prices are great, customer service is efficient and friendly, quality is unbelievable, and did I mention their incredible wide range of sizes? Or that the leggings moonlight as pants for work? Or how incredibly cute they are? Or that every Wednesday they come out with new pieces?

Zyia is my go-to brand for travel clothes, capsule pieces, and prices I can justify paying.

Are you ready to give Zyia a try? You won’t regret it! Let me know in the comments below or come join the conversation in our Facebook group.

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